• Some areas of Jameson Lake are dry.

  • Another Low Rainfall Year

    Rainfall in Inches
    Average 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16

    End of Month





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Employment Opportunity

Distribution Operator I/IIClick here for more information.

Rebates Available for California Residents

The State of California offers rebate programs for turf replacement and high-efficiency toilets. Click here for more information.

Please Continue Your Conservation Efforts

While the imported water allocation has been increased, Cachuma allocations for their year remain at 0%. But, wise planning and careful conservation means Montecito has enough purchased and stored water to last from now until early 2017.

Real-Time Rainfall Gauge

New Rainfall Gauge compares the rainfall each month in Montecito against our historical data collected since 1920. The data is graphed every month. See how our drought has affected the data for the past four years and what actual rainfall in inches should be for each month. Find the Rainfall Gauge here and it's the third window at the top of this page.


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Continuing Negotiations on Desalinated Water Sales Agreement Between Montecito Water District and City of Santa Barbara. The District would like to clarify that our two agencies are still in negotiations on the terms and conditions that are expected to lead to... more

Good News – State Water Project Table A Allocation Increased. View the complete story here.

Up-To-Date Details about the Drought, Water Supply, and How the District is Developing a Safe and Secure Water Future for our Community. Check out this interesting slideshow. Click for more.

Water Supply Actions to Meet Long-Term Water Needs
Despite a fifth year of the worst drought in history, the District has good water supply news to report: desal. negotiations progress, supplemental water progress, and more. Click for more.

Montecito’s Water is Not Like Flint’s Water
Learn more about Montecito’s Water quality and testing program, especially how the results of the District’s Lead and Copper testing program designated the District as a non-risk water system. Click here to read a recent article on the topic.

General Manager: Nicholas Turner, P.E. is the General Manager of Montecito Water District effective February 2, 2016. Mr. Turner brings over 15 years of experience in the water industry to the District. Click for more.

More Information: Get the latest news about desal, water supply, and the cost of water. Click for more

Supply and Conservation Pages

Upcoming Board Meetings and Agenda

The Board meets the third Tuesday of the month at 2 PM in the Districts’ Office Board Room: 583 San Ysidro Road. The public is invited to attend. The Board Meeting Agenda is available the day before the meeting Here.