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Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District 
 July 2002

Water News

Drinking Water Quality 
Report 2001

Presented in this report are detailed results of intensive water quality tests conducted throughout the year 2001, a description of the sources of your water, and answers to common questions about water quality.

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Steve Hickox,
Water Treatment and
Production Superintendent

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Dear Customer:

Meets State and Federal Quality Standards
Intensive water quality testing during 2001 confirmed that, once again, your drinking water meets or improves upon strict state and federal quality standards. We are proud to provide our customers with this annual water quality report. It contains detailed test results and other information about your high quality drinking water.

Our Water Sources Are Excellent
Good results at your tap start with a quality water supply. More than half of our water comes from Lake Cachuma and is treated at the regional Cater Water Treatment Plant in Santa Barbara. The other sources of our water are Jameson Lake and Fox and Alder Creeks (via Doulton Tunnel). These local sources are treated in our own state-of-the art facilities. We also have some groundwater wells and access to State Project water, which serve in periods of high demand and drought.

We Ensure Your Water Quality
The water professionals at Montecito Water District monitor the water quality 24-hours per day to ensure that your water always meets all regulatory standards. We think about your water quality so you donít have to.

We Are Here To Serve You
If you have any questions about this water quality report, please contact me at 969-7924.

Very truly yours,

Steve Hickox
Water Treatment and Production Superintendent



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