Summary of October 18 Public Information Meeting on Desalination and Water Supply

As the District and community are entering what could be a sixth year of drought, the District updated customers on progress on desalination at a public information meeting on October 18. A brief summary of the meeting is below and more details can be found in the presentation on desalination that is available on this page.

Continued Progress with City on Desalination Negotiations.

The District continues making progress toward an agreement with the City of Santa Barbara to purchase desalinated water. Desalination could provide a drought-proof supply to protect our community. However, it is costly and will require long-term agreements, so both the City and District have been carefully working through every potential issue. While this is time consuming, it is critical to get the details right in order to arrive at a mutually beneficial and fair agreement. Details about issues already agreed upon and those that remain to be settled were discussed in detail at the October 18, public information meeting.

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