Supply and Conservation

Drought Program Summary

Please see the Ordinances 92 and 93 below for mandatory restrictions and allocations.

Please see the links above for additional tips, guidelines and information to help you conserve.

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions (Ordinance 92)

The District has established water use restrictions. They are summarized below.

  • LIMITED TIMES TO IRRIGATE LANDSCAPES. If AUTOMATED, irrigation is allowed only between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. IF MANUALLY OPERATED, irrigation is allowed only between 4 p.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • POOL RESTRICTIONS. Existing water levels may be maintained, but pools may not be drained and refilled.
  • CAR WASHING RESTRICTIONS. Vehicles shall be washed only at commercial car washes or by bucket or hose equipped with a hand-operated shut-off valve.
  • NO WASHING OF HARD SURFACES such as driveways, sidewalks, patios and parking lots, except where necessary to protect health and safety.
  • LEAKS MUST BE IMMEDIATELY REPAIRED. If repairs are delayed, water service to the property must be turned off to prevent water loss until the repair has been completed.
  • LIMITS ON RESTAURANT AND HOTEL SERVICES. Restaurants may only serve water upon request. Hotels, motels and other lodgings shall only change and wash sheets and towels when requested.


  • Click Here for full details of Ordinance 92 and water use restrictions.

Mandatory Water Allocations Limiting Water Supply to Each Property (Ordinance 93)

Because our water supply is so limited, the District is imposing water supply allocations by property and customer type: residential, multi-family, commercial, institutional, and agricultural. The allocations were designed to be fair: to not require unreasonable cutbacks for those that are already conserving, to provide necessary minimum amounts of water, and taking into account variations in property type and seasonal needs

  • Ordinance 93 Update Water rationing was extended to ensure what water demand is cut to match supply. Click to read the summary document from September 2014.

  • Click Here for full details of Ordinance 93 which provides water allocation limits on each property.

Ordinance 94 Increased Drought Allocations and Repealed Ordinance 93

The Board took action to increase its water supply through supplemental water purchases, and in March 2015, the Board passed Ordinance No. 94 which repealed Ordinance No. 93 and increased the allocation of water during the water shortage emergency. Ordinance 94 also provides for penalty rates for consumption in excess of allocation. Penalties are reset each water year which begins October 1st. On March 21, 2017, the Board suspended Section 8 of Ordinance 94.

Jameson Lake and Juncal Dam at very low storage levels in February, 2016.


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