2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update Adopted

The Board of Directors unanimously approved adoption of the Montecito Water District’s Urban Water Management Plan 2015 Update following a Public Hearing at the District’s May 16 regular Board Meeting.

Download the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update

An Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is a planning tool that generally summarizes the actions of water management agencies. It provides managers and the public with a broad perspective on water supply issues. The UWMPs provide a framework for long-term water planning and inform the public of a supplier’s plans for long-term resource planning that ensures adequate water supplies for existing and future demands.

The California Urban Water Management Plan Act requires preparation of a plan that provides water supply planning over a 20-year period in five-year increments, identifies and quantifies current and potential future water supplies, including recycled water and desalination, for existing and future demands in normal, single-dry and multiple-dry years and describes conservation program implementation and efficient use of urban water supplies.

This 2015 UWMP update will serve to meet the following purposes:

  • A long-range planning document for water supply quantification and reliability,
  • Source documentation for Water Supply Assessments,
  • A guidance document for water conservation,
  • Documentation of policy decisions and selection of water use reduction methodologies,
  • A reporting platform for documenting compliance with the SBX7-7 legislation,
  • A database for development of regional water plans and General Plans


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