Summary of October 18 Public Information Meeting on Desalination and Water Supply

As we approach what could be a sixth year of drought, the District updated customers on progress on desalination, and also on the actions it has taken to maintain water supplies during drought.

Continued Progress with City on Desalination Negotiations

The District continues making progress toward an agreement with the City of Santa Barbara to purchase desalinated water. Desalination ... read more

Public Information Meeting on Desalination - October 18

PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING ON DESALINATION Tuesday, October 18, 6:30 p.m. El Montecito Presbyterian Church • 1455 East Valley Road (Parish Hall) Details will be provided about the key terms of a desalination agreement between the City of Santa Barbara and the District:

Learn about the District's water supply through 2020.

Learn about recent progress on reaching a fair agreement ... read more

Water Supply Update

The article below is from a recent mailing to customers explaining why allocations have not changed and how the District has taken every feasible action to purchase and deliver the maximum amount of water to customers. The mailer sent to customers and the article below also both explain what it will take to end the allocations.

Water Supply Update Local lakes essentially empty after five ... read more

Green Your Garden with Greywater

Simple Greywater Systems that meet Commonsense Guidelines may now be installed without a permit in participating water service areas in Santa Barbara County, including within the Montecito Water District service area.

Greywater is wastewater collected from showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and clothes-washing machines that is piped to residential landscaping to help meet irrigation needs. ... read more

Emergency Pumping Barge Successfully Moved to Keep Lake Cachuma Water Flowing

With the extreme drought continuing, Lake Cachuma has dropped to its lowest level ever – about 14% capacity. This is so low that an emergency pumping barge that was installed in late 2014 when the lake fell below the normal water intakes had to be moved again to a deeper part of the Lake.

The emergency pumping barge pumps water into Tecolote Tunnel, which crosses through the mountains ... read more

Water Supply Projections & Update on Desalination

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WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: Drought Reduces Local Water Supplies to Lowest Levels Ever. Locally, the lack of rainfall has severely reduced the amount of water available from the District’s two largest supplies, ... read more

Continuing Negotiations on Desalinated Water Sales Agreement Between Montecito Water District and City of Santa Barbara

In response to recent news stories regarding Montecito Water District (District) and the City of Santa Barbara (City) reaching a deal on a desalinated water sales agreement, the District would like to clarify that our two agencies are still in negotiations on the terms and conditions that are expected to lead to a draft agreement.

General Agreement on Terms Now, With Final Agreement Expected ... read more

Good News – State Water Project Table A Allocation Increased

Because of above average snowpack and rainfall in Northern California, the State has increased its State Water Project Table A allocation to the District from 45% to 60% – the second increase of the year. This year’s allocation is now equal to about one-half years’ worth of all of the District’s water use. The District’s current supplies are projected to meet its needs through mid-2017 ... read more

Up-To-Date Details about the Drought, Water Supply, and How the District is Developing a Safe and Secure Water Future for our Community.

Check out this interesting slide show. ... read more

Water Supply Actions to Meet Long-Term Water Needs

By Nick Turner, General Manager

Despite a fifth year of the worst drought in its history, the District has good water supply news to report. Due to successful planning, and assertive water supply development and conservation, the District now has an assured water supply through 2017 and possibly beyond, even if the drought continues. Progress is underway on additional water resources ... read more

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