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Summary Report as the District Moves into Fiscal Year 2017/18 Fiscal Year 2017/18 Adopted Budget

The District adopted its fiscal year 2017/18 budget on June 28, 2017. Some of the notable points are as follows:

Above average rainfall in Santa Barbara County and across the State this past winter improved local water supplies. The District’s current water supplies can support a ... read more

Public Hearing on Water Availability Charge (WAC)

Water Facilities Improvement Program Enters Twenty-First Year A key source of funds to pay for ongoing water distribution system upgrades has been an annual assessment of $30 per acre (or per parcel less than an acre) within the District. The assessment is collected along with property taxes as a water availability charge, and is used exclusively to finance water system improvements.

The ... read more

Beginning May 30th, Possible Traffic Delays on Ashley Road in Montecito.

(Montecito, California, May 18, 2017) A water main serving residents on a section of Ashley Road is scheduled to be replaced beginning next week after the Memorial Day holiday. The construction zone will be closed to through traffic, and traffic will be reduced to a single access lane for residents. Montecito Water District, with subcontractor Lash Construction, is conducting the project, and recommends ... read more

Montecito Water District Plans to Increase Local, Reliable, Water Supplies

Monthly Board Meeting took place on Tuesday, May 16

(Montecito, California, May 16, 2017) Montecito Water District’s Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of Resolution 2149, adopting the Urban Water Management Plan (Plan) 2015 update. Such Plans are mandated by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for use as a long-range planning tool covering a 20-year period in ... read more

2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update Adopted

The Board of Directors unanimously approved adoption of the Montecito Water District’s Urban Water Management Plan 2015 Update following a Public Hearing at the District’s May 16 regular Board Meeting.

Download the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update
Errata Sheet for Minor Corrections to UWMP 2015 Update

An Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is a planning tool that generally ... read more

May is Water Awareness Month

Like to learn more about water? Links below lead to a variety of resources:

Plant Sales / Garden Workshops and Informative Events Waterwise’s monthly calendar is an up-to-date resource

Preserving Trees Information on tree care, particularly important during times of drought

Where Our Water Comes From A descriptive diagram of the District’s water sources

Santa ... read more

Earth Day 2017

(Montecito, California, April 24, 2017)

Thanks to the many visitors and participating agencies who turned out for Earth Day! Community Environmental Council once again organized a successful Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival, providing education and connection to individuals and organizations alike.

Access to the posters on display:

How to Keep Trees Alive in the Drought Where ... read more

Good News Across the Board

(Montecito, California, April 20, 2017)

Purchase of Groundwater Storage

Montecito Water District’s Board of Directors convened on Tuesday this week. Topping the agenda was a recommendation for the District to purchase groundwater storage capacity through the Semitropic Water Storage District Groundwater Banking Program. The Board acted to reserve 1,500 shares at a total purchase ... read more

Urban Water Management Plan Update

(Montecito, California, April 21, 2017)

Montecito Water District’s Urban Water Management Plan 2015 Update has been prepared for Public Review. It will be presented for Public Hearing at the District’s May 16 regular Board Meeting.

The Public is Invited to Participate: Public Hearing before the Board of Directors Date: Tuesday, May 16 at 2pm

Location: Montecito Fire Protection ... read more

Project Completion On Hot Springs Road, Montecito

(Montecito, California, March 27, 2017)

In December, 2016, 1,100 linear feet of water main, serving Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and School and local residences, was replaced between 500 and 600 Hot Springs Road. While new pipes were in place and functional in December, the wettest winter on record delayed the final road slurry, which requires warm, dry weather to complete. Western Oil ... read more

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