In 1978 Chuck Evans was hired as the District General Manager. Over the following two decades, Chuck played a key role in these and other important water achievements:

• Expanded Cater Water Treatment Plant

• Constructed hydroelectric plant

• Obtained State Water

• Built emergency sea-water desalination plant

• Developed Bella Vista Water Treatment Plant

• Completed Juncal Dam seismic improvements

• Merged with Summerland Water District

• Renewed Cachuma Contract

• Strengthened Bradbury Dam

• Initiated Capital Improvement Plan

• Assuming Manager position at Cachuma Conservation Release Board




Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District - Fall 1999

Water News

Farewell, Chuck--Welcome Aboard, Fred

Change of Managers

Following a distinguished career as water engineer and manager, Chuck Evans, general manager of Montecito Water District for more than two decades, will be retiring from his post at the turn of the New Year.

Taking his place will be Fred Adjarian, coming to the job from a 23-year career in water operations and management, the last 10 years as a water district general manager in San Diego County.

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Chuck Evans (left) welcomes incoming General Manager Fred Adjarian

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During his tenure as manager, Chuck Evans saw the District through periods of severe flood as well as prolonged drought. During the most difficult periods of drought, he worked with the Board to implement unprecedented measures including declaring a water emergency, imposing water allocations and participating in the emergency seawater desalination plant.

He directed many improvements to the District’s infrastructure. Among the most notable: construction of two new treatment plants, improvements to Juncal Dam and initiation of major upgrades to the District’s pipelines, pumps and other infrastructure.

Chuck has accepted a part-time position as manager of the Cachuma Conservation Release Board.


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Fred Adjarian arrives with experience as a general manager over the past 10 years at a water agency in San Diego County, where he also directed its local fire agency. Previously, he worked with a variety of water related organizations in California. He holds a master’s degree with honors in public administration.

Fred’s extensive water service has involved service on a number of water industry organizations, including an important four-year gubernatorial appointment to a Regional Water Quality Control Board. He and his wife Cathy are relocating from Fallbrook, California.


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