Montecito Water District’s $14 million program of improvements to its water facilities is on schedule. A total of 25 projects are planned to be completed by the end of this next fiscal year.

The upgrade program continues to improve and replace old pipelines and other facilities that are as much as 70 years old.

The District is coordinating closely with county transportation officials to make pipeline repairs before roads are repaved. This will save money by preventing construction damage to new paving.

More information about the pipeline projects are available on the District’s website:

Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District - June 1999



Water Facilities Improvement
Program Enters Fourth Year

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  With a reliable water supply and modern water quality programs now in place, Montecito Water District is continuing to focus on upgrading the community’s water system, to assure that it will provide reliable water service far into the future.

Investment in
Montecito’s Future

   The primary focus of the system upgrade is replacement of old pipelines. The District is investing in ductile iron pipes, the most reliable pipeline material available. Ductile iron typically lasts 100 years or more.

   Where appropriate, pipelines are also being upsized to larger diameters that improve pressure and water flow. The upgrades will thereby meet customer needs for many decades.

Customer Benefits
  The upgrade project provides many benefits to customers. For instance, the water system can surviveearthquakes and other disasters more reliably. Many customers will also experience improved water pressure.

In addition, some old pipelines that “dead-end” will be “looped,” so that water will flow continuously. Looping pipelines improves water quality.

Improved Fire Flows
   New fire hydrants are also being installed as the pipeline work progresses. These high-capacity pipelines will meet new fire department requirements for greater fire flow. Montecito Fire Protection District is helping finance this portion of the program.

Other Improvements
   Montecito Water District is also installing new pump stations to increase water pressure and reliability, as well as making other improvements for better water quality and greater earthquake resistance.


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