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To meet rigorous quality standards, testing is carried out daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Test results are compared to Federal and State water standards, every day, around the clock.

Our laboratory testing staff consists of State certified technicians. Independent laboratories confirm local test data.

Meets all state and federal drinking water quality standards

Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District - Spring 1999

Water News

Montecito Water Passes the Test Again

Annual Water Quality Checkup

Quality Source water, first-rate treatment and intensive testing assure quality. Water quality begins with the source. Montecito takes its water from the State Water Project, Lake Cachuma, Jameson Lake, Fox and Alder Creeks, as well as from the local groundwater.

Treatment Facilities
Assure Quality

Montecito's drinking water receives
quality treatment in several facilities on their way to District customers.
Water drawn from Lake Cachuma runs first through Cater Treatment Plant. Supplies from Montecito's Jameson Lake, or Fox and Alder Creeks, pass through the District's own Doulton Treatment Plant or the new Bella Vista Treatment Plant. The District's standby water wells also have their own filtration capabilities.
Thus, all water that reaches District customers receives approved treatment from modern, scientifically monitored facilities

Bella Vista Treatment Plant

Covering Ortega Reservoir

The District's Ortega Reservoir, built in the 1950's, is an open facility, meaning that the water contained in it is exposed to the air. New reservoirs are required to have covers to protect the water from the effects of birds, animals, windblown debris and even possible vandalism.
A special quality control activity is maintained at Ortega to safeguard against potential quality problems. This program will remain in place until the reservoir can be covered:
  • Increased testing for bacteria
  • Daily inspections to look for debris and birds
  • A $250,000 project to improve circulation of the water
  • New chlorination equipment and use of additional chlorine
  • Annual draining and cleaning.

The program was developed in consulation with the State Department of Health Services to assure high quality water.

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