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Just a few months ago, Montecito Water District kicked off a major upgrade of its water facilities.

A number of the projects are already completed, many more are under construction or planned for the future.
The urgently needed water system improvements are financed by  the $13.5 million bond   borrowing completed last summer. New water mains and other upgrades will replace facilities that were old, undersized or actually failing _ improving fire protection, customer service, and saving water. 

Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District
Fall 1998

Water News

Critically Needed Improvements Underway
Water Availability Charge Funds Improvements.
New Facilities Coming On-Line

District crews replacing a worn section of pipeline
Successful 3-Part Strategy
In recent years, Montecito Water District has embarked on a series of strategic actions:
  • Developed a long-term reliable water supply, through importation of State Project water and improvements to  local water supplies.
  • Improved water quality through construction of a new treatment plant.
  • Now is undertaking a major Capital Improvement Program, replacing facilities built as long ago as the 1920's.

These capital improvements are funded by a $13.5 million bond borrowing approved last summer. Repayment includes funds from the District's Water Availability Charge, which is dedicated solely to water system upgrades and replacements.

Major Progress This Year
This fiscal year, the District's  Capital Improvement Program includes three pump station projects, replacement of 11 sections of water mains, and several other projects.

Completion is planned for spring 1999; total expenditures will approach $2.5 million.

Projects To Improve Fire Protection & Customer Service
Examples of completed projects include:

  • A new pump station on Mountain Drive to improve water pressure and provide increased fire flow in an area that has suffered numerous fires.
  • New emergency generators for pump stations. This increases water pressure and reliability during earthquakes, fires, power outages, and during hot summer days when water use soars.
Employee Team Repairs Weekend Pipeline Break
A recent Saturday afternoon water main break in Sycamore Canyon was repaired rapidly and water service fully restored by midnight. That pipeline will be scheduled for complete replacement as part of the facilities upgrade program.

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