Choose Plants For Beauty, Ease of Care and Water Savings

 Visit Our Garden

Visit the District’s Conservation Garden for ideas about selecting beautiful plants that use less water. Be sure to pick up our free literature about gardening and home water conservation.

Here is a sample list of some of the many native plants that can beautify your garden while saving water.

            Coast Live Oak

Western Redbud



  California Lilac

Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris


Matilija Poppy

          California Fuchsia





Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District 
 Fall 2002

Water News

Water Supply Ample Despite Two Dry Years

Long Range Water Planning Keeps Montecito Green


Montecito has sufficient water, due to decades of long-range planning and investment in maintaining existing water supplies and developing new ones.

Updated Water
Management Strategy

To proactively manage the water supply in the face of another dry season, your District is again supplementing its supply with State water this year. This will augment local water storage in the event of a lengthy dry period in 2003 and beyond. 

Meanwhile, the District also continues to maintain its limited groundwater as a backup supply. Wells were last pumped in 1991 at the end of a multi-year drought. The groundwater basin has now fully recovered and is available if needed.


Portfolio of Supplies

Over time, Montecito’s water planners have developed a broadened portfolio of water supplies so that if one falls short, there is another to take its place: 

* Lake Cachuma—our principal water supply 

*Jameson Reservoir—a low-cost, high quality supply of local water 

* Fox and Alder Creeks—a small but important local supply 

*Doulton Tunnel—another helpful source of low cost water 

*Groundwater—a critical yet limited backup supply 

*State water—a supplemental supply, stored until needed

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