Cloud Seeding
   Gives Mother
  Nature a Boost

Montecito Water District continues its participation in Santa Barbara County's annual winter program of seeding clouds to increase rainfall.

Increases in Water Supply
Cloud seeding has been shown to increase rainfall by as much as 20%. This provides additional significant amounts of water that flow into groundwater basins, lakes and reservoirs, and helps irrigate crops and landscapes.

 Water is a Bargain
All of MWD's raw water supplies are a bargain compared to other products and services.
Cloud seeding is an especially cost-effective way to increase water supplies, costing only about 3 cents per 100 gallons. Your tap water continues to be dependable, safe and cost-effective.





Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District 
Spring 2003


Keeping Your Water Supply Safe and Secure
Montecito Water District is constantly on alert to protect your
water system. While the District always has been vigilant,
even more extensive security and protection measures
 are being implemented now


Along with other water utilities throughout the US, Montecito Water District will be conducting a federally mandated security vulnerability assessment. This comprehensive assessment and action plan is expected to be completed by June 2004. In the meantime, the District continues to provide a high level of security and testing to ensure the quality of your water, described below.


Adjusting valves at Montecito Water District's  treatment plant.

  • Full-Time, Dedicated Water Quality Staff
    The District's water quality team is highly trained and state-certified.

  • Extensive Testing
    Our staff conducts thousands of water quality tests annually using an independent state-certified laboratory.

  • Fencing More Secure
    More secure locks, gates and fencing have been installed where needed.

  • More Restricted Assess
    Public access to District facilities has been further restricted to improve security.



  • Lights Shine Brighter
    Security lighting has been upgraded and expanded.

  • Computer System Upgraded
    The SCADA monitoring computer system has been updated to provide an early alert to changes in the water distribution system.

  • Backup Power and Systems
    Backup pumps and power generators have been increased to allow the District to operate under emergency conditions.

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