Protecting Fish Protects Our Water Rights

Increasingly, Montecito Water District is faced with new functions: responding to complex regulations, protecting the river environment, and defending water rights in court. Confront- ing these challenges is a vital but time-consuming activity.

The extensive and mandatory fish protection activities described on this page are another example of the complex and costly actions required of the Water District to protect the water supply of its customers.



Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District 
 Fall 2000

Water News

   Proposition 12 Bonds Funds Obtained
   $750,000 State 
                     Grant Awarded

Montecito Water District, along with other local water agencies, recently obtained a $750,000 grant from the Proposition 12 Parks Bond to improve endangered steelhead trout habitat along the Santa Ynez River. Only two counties in the state received funding for these purposes at this level. Montecito Water District and its partners have also gained over $240,000 in other grants from a variety of sources.

The $750,000 in grant funds will be used to support the Santa Ynez River Fish Management Plan, a necessary program to protect and enhance endangered steelhead trout habitat along the Santa Ynez River. "The large award of grant funds demonstrates the quality of our program," commented Fred Adjarian, District General Manager. "We are very pleased to have obtained substantial funding that will save our ratepayers’ money."


The grant funds will be used for an ongoing program to improve fish habitat that has cost local water agencies about $400,000 each year. The goal is to retain access to water for people, while at the same time providing needed water for habitat in the river environment.

State to Hear Water Rights

IssuesWithin the next few months, the State Water Resources Control Board will open hearings on water rights along the Santa Ynez River.

Montecito Water and other local water agencies have prepared diligently for the hearings in order to demonstrate that the current balanced use of water provides for the needs of both people and the environment. The District believes that these extensive preparations will allow it to be successful in maintaining our continued supply of Santa Ynez River water.

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