Montecito Water District is taking numerous steps to minimize the impacts of its ongoing construction program, including the new pipeline construction along San Ysidro Road.

The District:

• Strictly enforces noise, dust and clean- up controls

• Maintains access to homes at all times

• Requires that trenches be covered each day

• Assigns senior District staff to monitor activities at the construction site

• Ensures that staff is available at the District's main office to answer questions

• Works closely with the contractor to ensure compliance with public safety measures




Vital Water Information for Customers of Montecito Water District 
 Fall 2001

Water News

Water Pipeline Improvements 
Underway on San Ysidro Road

Montecito Water District has long focused on the reliability  of its customers’ water supply.

The District is always planning years in advance to make sure that there is an adequate supply of high quality water available on a daily basis—even during droughts, earthquakes, fires and other emergencies.

Pardon our dust. Pipeline construction is underway on San Ysidro Road

Installation of a new 10-inch water main on San Ysidro Road between East Valley Road and East Mountain Drive is the centerpiece of Phase I of the San Ysidro Capital Improvement Program, now underway.

Work began in September and is scheduled to be completed in mid-November, 2001.


Ductile iron pipe is the strongest, longest lasting, and most secure water pipeline material available. It can be expected to last a century or more. Because it is stronger and more durable than other pipeline materials, it is more reliable, especially during emergencies such as earthquakes.

Nearly one mile of new water main is being installed to replace 70-year old cast iron water mains that have sustained numerous breaks, causing water outages and street flooding. The new pipeline is a vital part of the District’s transmission and distribution system, providing water to key facilities serving a significant portion of the Montecito community.

Along with the new pipeline, the District is also replacing fire hydrants, water service lines to customer meters, and adding a station to regulate water pressure. Other improvements include installation of a pipeline extension on East Mountain Drive from San Ysidro Road.

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