Water Treatment

The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act now requires that all surface drinking water supplies be treated to a high degree of purity.

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Cater Treatment Plant:
The City of Santa Barbara and the Montecito and Carpinteria Valley Water Districts jointly participated in the expansion of the Cater Treatment Plant to consolidate water treatment of Cachuma Lake water for all three agencies into one facility. The project was the expansion of an existing water treatment plant (38 million gallons) serving a portion of the City of Santa Barbara.

    Photo by Bud Girard


Bella Vista Treatment Plant:
Jameson Lake is an open reservoir situated high in the Santa Ynez Mountains. It has been a source of clean and healthful water for Montecito since the early 1930’s. With the completion of the new 2.2 million gallon per day Bella Vista Treatment Plant in 1993, and its smaller 150,000 gallon per day companion, Doulton Treatment Plant, the District has come into full compliance with the 1993 government-mandated standards.

    Photo by J. D. Paley

Well Treatment:
Generally, water quality of the District’s 18 wells is suitable for potable and irrigation use. Some of the District wells have minute amounts of iron and manganese which is treated and removed prior to distribution to District customers.

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