Water Billing

Meter Reading Service: In 1992, the District contracted with Alexander's Contract Services of Atascadero, California for reading the District meters on a monthly basis. This action frees District field personnel to do required operation, maintenance and repair work around the District.

The scheduling for reading all District meters is over three days, usually beginning the 26th of every month, unless the 26th falls on a Sunday or holiday. Then the reading of the meters will begin on the next available business day. If the second or third day of meter reading falls on a Sunday or holiday, reading will be suspended for that day and continue the following day.

Past Due Notice Policy: The District is on a monthly billing cycle and sends out bills for each prior month's service. Payment is due upon receipt of the water bill, and is delinquent if not paid by the due date printed on the bill. If payment is not received, a past due message appears on the next water bill. A late charge will be assessed. There is no grace period.

Approximately one week later from mailing of the next water bill, the District sends a past due notice. Approximately ten days after the past due notice, the District posts a turn-off warning on the door of the property.  (There will be an administrative charge of $10.00 for door tagging.) With this warning, the customer is requested to pay in full all amounts due the District.

Forty-eight hours later, the District will telephone the account holder to try to notify them of the pending water turn off.  The District will then turn off the meters to the accounts that are still not paid. Currently, approximately 1.5 % of the accounts are delinquent. The District charges an administrative fee of $40.00 to turn off a meter for non payment, and $40.00 to turn on a meter that has been turned off for non-payment.



Direct Payment is a FREE service that allows you to have your recurring water bill paid automatically from your checking or savings account. No checks, no postage, no late payments, and no hassles. Direct Payment uses the same network as direct deposit. By enrolling in this service, your water bill is automatically paid by your bank or savings and loan on the 20th of the month.

The system is safe and reliable. Sign up today through the Online BillPay Portal!

If a customer elects to participate in the Direct Payment Program, the amount of the water bill will be automatically debited from the customer's checking or savings account on the 20th of the month or on the next business day.

If a customer should have any questions concerning the charge shown on his/her bill and does not want the amount of the bill deducted from the account, the customer must contact the District and initiate a request for a receipt within ten days after the billing date. Any such request must be in writing. A copy  of the written request should be retained for the customer's records.

If there are insufficient funds in the customer's account to cover the direct payment, he/she will be assessed a $25.00 service charge. The District will then require that the current payment amount be covered in cash, cashier's check or money order. After two such occurrences of insufficient funds, a customer will no longer be eligible for the Direct Payment Program.

Participation in the program may be canceled at anytime by giving the District 30 days written notice. A copy of the cancellation request should be retained as a personal record.


A late charge is included on the past due amount of the monthly bill.  The late charge will amount to 6% of the first month's past due bill, followed by an additional 1.5% fee for each month thereafter.  It covers the District's actual costs of financing late payments from delinquent customers.  This charge will not affect the vast majority of customers who pay their bills on time. 


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