General Manager

On September 7, 2007 the Montecito Water District Board of Directors named Thomas R. Mosby as General Manager of the District effective December 29, 2007.  Mr. Mosby joined the Distinct as its Engineering Manager on November 1, 1990 and served in that capacity for seventeen years.

Prior to working for the Montecito Water District, Mr. Mosby was employed by MNS Engineers Inc, a local engineering firm, and a local water system company.  Mr. Mosby was raised in Montecito and has lived in Montecito with his own family for the past sixteen years.  He has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii and a Marine Technology degree from Santa Barbara City College.

Mr. Mosby succeeded Robert L. Roebuck, who retired as Montecito Water District’s General Manager  at the end of 2007 after four years of service to the District.




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Business Department

The Business Department is responsible for the accounting, data processing, financing, personnel and water conservation functions of the District.  The  Business Department, supervised by Mark Carlson, Business Manager, consists of Marla, Louise, Susan, Nancy Jean and Lois. With service to the Montecito Water District ranging from 1 to 26 years, this team brings lots of financial experience, knowledge and skills to their jobs.


Water Conservation Specialist

Mike Clark came to the District in February 2005.  Mike’s job is to promote water conservation and help customers improve water use efficiency.  Mike has a degree in Natural Resources Management and 16 years’ experience as a landscaper in Montecito.  He is available by appointment to meet with you at your home or business to review your water use and make recommendations on maintenance, irrigation, and planting for better water use efficiency (and lower water bills).  Mike can provide you with free literature on saving water indoors and out.




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Engineering Department

Under Engineering Manager Tom Evans, the Engineering Department is responsible for technical evaluation, design, project management and inspection of District construction projects and facilities. 

The District's engineering department is supported by Laura.


Water Distribution Department

The Water Distribution Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 107 miles of water distribution mains and 4550 service connections.  The Water Distribution Department is supervised by Danny Rodriguez, Water Distribution Superintendent.  Mr. Rodriguez has been with the District since 1983.  He is supported by Steve, Joey, Dave, Cesar,  Richard, Beto, John, and  Jesus.




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Water Treatment Department

The Water Treatment Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of groundwater wells, pump stations, one dam, one lake,   ten reservoirs and water treatment facilities of the District.  The Water Treatment Department is supervised by Chad Hurshman, Water Treatment & Production Superintendent.  Mr. Hurshman has been with the District since 2001.  He is supported by Louis,  Jim, Joe, and Mark.



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