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Meter Reading

Read Your Meter Weekly

Tracking your usage with weekly meter reads is often the quickest way to identify leaks and can help avoid water loss!

How To Track Usage

1. Find your water meter box (typically located on the front of your property, near the street) and remove the small lid. Please use caution as the lid can be heavy.

2. Record the figures shown in white (0728 as shown in the meter image above). Subtract your last reading from this reading to determine your usage in hundreds of cubic feet (HCF). Compare this usage to previous week's usage to determine if unanticipated usage is taking place.

How To Check for Leaks

1. FIRST make sure all water devices are shut off inside and outside your property. This includes sprinklers, water softeners, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

2. Look for any dial movement on your meter.  If the numbers are turning, or the sweep arm or flow indicator is spinning, you may have a leak. (If this is the case, you may wish to double-check that all water devices are off and check the flow indicator again for movement.)

3. If a leak is indicated, you can inspect your property yourself to locate and fix the issue, or call a plumber or leak detection specialist for assistance. Customers are responsible for leaks on customer's property / customer's side of the meter.

Meter Reading Service Schedule

Meter read dates are posted monthly to the District Calendar.

The scheduling for reading all District meters is over three days, usually beginning the 26th of every month, unless the 26th falls on a Sunday or holiday. Then the reading of the meters will begin on the next available business day. If the second or third day of meter reading falls on a Sunday or holiday, reading will be suspended for that day and continue the following business day.

Since 1992, the District has contracted with Alexander's Contract Services of Atascadero, California for reading the District meters on a monthly basis. This cost-effective action frees District field personnel to do required operation, maintenance and repair work around the District.

Need help with reading your meter or interested in learning about water conservation? Call us at 805.969.2271.
An on-site consultation with the District Conservation Specialist is available upon request, at no charge to customers.