Potential New Water Sources

October, 2013. Drought causes Jameson Lake level to drop.

Urban Water Management Plan
Updated May, 2017. In compliance with California Department of Water Resources.

Our local region has a Semi-arid Climate. Relatively low rainfall and cyclical droughts translate into limited surface and groundwater supplies, and therefore the District relies upon a diversified portfolio of water sources.  To make the overall supply more drought resilient, at this time we are actively evaluating and pursuing alternative new sources such as:

In compliance with State regulations, Senate Bill X7-7 (SBX7-7), the future maximum consumption target is 4,800 AFY, excluding potential new sources that may be exempt such as Recycled Water. For a detailed overview of the District's water sources and long-term plans, refer to the Urban Water Management Plan.

Conservation is also considered a source of supply.