On-Site Conservation Visits


More than 800 of your neighbors have already called. Why don't you?

Call 805.969.2271 and schedule a free water use checkup with our water conservation and landscape expert

Call for a Free Onsite, Water-Wise Checkup

Call 805-969-2271 and ask for Mike CLark, our Water Conservation Specialist, to schedule a no-charge, on-site visit to your property and identify water and money-saving opportunities.

Visits may be scheduled with owners, tenants, or landscapers in either English or Spanish.

The District can help you save water and money while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.

“I was floored by Mike’s knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. It was a positive experience that will help save the environment and save me money. I am very grateful for the Water District’s help.”
- District Customer

“Working with Mike was surprisingly fast and simple, and we expect it to make a huge difference in our water bill."
- District Customer