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Capital Projects Overview

The District operates and maintains over 110 miles of water distribution pipes, 4600 service connections, groundwater wells, pump stations, Juncal Dam, Jameson Lake, ten reservoirs and two water treatment facilities. Many District owned pipes, reservoirs, and facilities were built in the 1920s when the District was first created. Aging infrastructure causes hazards to human health, leaks in our water pipes, and service disruption to District customers. For that reason, the District has a 5-year capital improvement program to replace aging infrastructure. It's all part of providing a reliable supply of safe, high-quality water to our customers.

5-year Capital Improvement Plan

Current And Upcoming Projects


The project will replace approximately 4,900-ft of existing 8-inch cast iron pipe originally installed in 1923 with new 12-inch ductile iron pipe on Sycamore Canyon Road from Eucalyptus Hill Road to East Valley Road. This 94-year old pipeline is a critical transmission main that conveys water from the Terminal and Cold Springs Reservoirs, which store over 4 million gallons of water, to the pressure reduced areas located in the southwestern portion of the District.

Project timeline: Construction is anticipated to run October through December, 2017.


This project will replace approximately 1,560-ft of existing 6-inch 1924 cast iron transmission main with new 8-inch ductile iron pipe on Ashley Road from Ayala Lane to the Cold Springs Creek Bridge. This project will complete the on-going main replacement project on Ashley Road, connecting the new 8-inch ductile iron pipeline installed in 2008 with the new 8-inch ductile iron pipe installed in 2011. The existing 6-inch pipeline was identified as hydraulically deficient and this pipeline has experienced numerous main breaks over the last several years. The overall project schedule is estimated at 60 days from bid advertisement to construction completion.

Project timeline: Construction is scheduled to run from May 22 through July, 2017.

Status: Project is complete, and a final road finish is scheduled for late October.



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