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Montecito Neighbors Magazine

THANKFUL FOR EVERY DROP:  MONTECITO WATER DISTRICT DELIVERS OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE By Sarah Ettman-Sterner Montecito Neighbors Magazine Cover November, 2019 Jameson Lake spilled February 3, 2019 for the first time since 2011 Thanksgiving is coming and as we enter into the 2019 holiday season, Montecito residents have much for which to be grateful. There […]

Montecito Water District Reports on the Rate Study, Recycled Water and More

  RATE STUDY UPDATE: After numerous committee meetings, the Board of Directors took its first look at draft rate scenarios this week. The presentation from consultant NBS was described as an introduction to “Lots of information, and lots of moving parts.” Designed to illustrate various scenarios created by adjusting the balance between fixed and variable […]

Montecito Water District Announces $8 Million Settlement with Southern California Edison for 2017 Thomas Wildfire and 2018 Montecito Debris Flow Claims

(Montecito, California) Today, the Montecito Water District announces a settlement with Southern California Edison (SCE) of approximately $8 million to resolve claims resulting from the 2017 Thomas Fire and the 2018 Montecito Debris Flow. The settlement is part of a larger $360 million settlement for a group of 23 public entities that brought suits against […]

Montecito Water District’s Quarterly Update, October 2019

RATES:  Several members of the public attended this month’s regularly scheduled Board meeting to provide public comment on potential future rate increases. Rates have not increased since 2016 and a new rate study designed to include the costs of current initiatives, such as a potential long-term water supply agreement with the City of Santa Barbara, […]

Montecito Union School Receives Certificate of Recognition from Montecito Water District for Water Conservation, Efficiency and Stewardship

Montecito Union School has received a Certificate of Recognition for valuable contributions towards water efficiency, conservation and stewardship from Montecito Water District. This award recognizes many steps that Montecito Union School has taken to reduce water consumption and model good water stewardship for the community: In recent years Montecito Union School has implemented several highly […]